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Artec Studio 17. The power is in the software.
Transform your 3D scanner with industry-acclaimed software for professional 3D scanning and data processing. Easy 3D scanning. High-precision results.

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Artec 3D scanners software
Version 18 -TBD 17 16
Quality inspection Yes Yes
Mesh-to-CAD comparison: import STEP, IGES, or X_T files Yes Yes
Mesh-to-CAD alignment 8x faster than AS15 8x faster than AS15
Datum alignment Yes
Enhanced target support Yes
Run Control X Inspection from Artec Studio Yes Yes
Run Control X Batch Inspection from Artec Studio Yes Yes
Surface distance maps: speed 70% faster than AS15 70% faster than AS15
Surface distance maps: deviation from CAD models or primitives Full range of CAD primitives Full range of CAD primitives
Surface distance maps: one-click annotations Yes Yes
Surface distance maps: point-by-point deviation Yes Yes
Measurements: perpendicular point to plane distance Yes Yes
Measurements: distance between key points of primitives Yes Yes
Measurements: linear, geodesic, sections, distance maps,
volume, annotations. Export to CSV, DXF, XML
Yes Yes
Measurements: export cross-section area,
perimeter length, and mesh volume
Yes Yes
Direct export to Control X Yes Yes
Scan-to-CAD for reverse engineering
Fit CAD primitives to 3D model Cylinder, sphere, cone, plane, torus, box Cylinder, sphere, cone, plane, torus
Autosurfacing Yes
Boolean operations Yes
Split mesh by plane Yes
Freeform fitting Yes Yes
Primitive constraints Improved Yes
Precise positioning Yes Yes
Segment Brush: selection tool Improved Yes
Sections: from fitted planes Yes Yes
Sections: scale to bounding box Yes Yes
Export fitted primitives in STEP, IGES, or X_T CAD formats Yes Yes
Export multiple open and closed contours directly to CAD Yes Yes
Direct export of fitted primitives to SOLIDWORKS Yes Yes
Direct export of meshes to SOLIDWORKS via Geomagic plugin SOLIDWORKS 2014-2022 SOLIDWORKS 2014-2021
Direct export to Design X Yes Yes
Advanced CGI tools for the perfect color 3D model
Photo-texture Yes Yes
Photo-texture: photo viewing mode Yes
Rescaling by mesh alignment Yes Yes
Auto glare removal Yes Yes
Model-to-model texture transfer Yes Yes
AI-powered HD Mode
HD Mode for Eva and Leo Extra sharp Extra sharp
Improved HD reconstruction speed: Leo 1.5x faster than AS16 2x faster than AS15
Improved HD reconstruction speed: Eva 2x faster than AS15 2x faster than AS15
On-demand HD reconstruction for Eva Yes Yes
Settings optimizer based on your GPU Yes
Multiple HD reconstructions with different settings Yes Yes
Store Leo HD data on SD cards Yes Yes
User experience. From raw data to finished
3D model in minimum steps
Project loading 10x faster than AS15 10x faster than AS15
Background Auto-save Yes Yes
Restore unsaved projects Yes
Smart RAM Optimizer Yes Yes
Advanced grouping functionality: create, align, position Yes Yes
Auto-group for Eva, Space Spider, and Leo data capture Yes Yes
Advanced editing & 3D modeling tools
Eraser: object selection Yes
Texture healing brush Yes Yes
Defeature and smoothing brush Yes Yes
Hole filling New options: flat and smooth Yes
Hole filling: bridges
Yes Yes Yes
Yes Yes Yes
Next-generation registration for Eva and Space Spider Yes Yes
Improved tracking algorithms for scanning over distance & for scanning in loops Yes Yes
Integration with ScanReference photogrammetry kit
Smart automation
Fully automatic smart scanning for Micro Yes Yes
Auto-align Yes Yes
Autopilot: automatic data processing pipeline Yes Yes
Scan size optimizer Yes Yes
Smart base removal Yes Yes
Easy 3D scanning
Auto-brightness: dynamic Yes Yes
Automated sensitivity for scanning black, shiny, and fine objects Yes Yes
3D Radar mode Yes Yes
Create 3D model from a combination of Artec 3D scanners Yes Yes
Texture and geometry tracking Yes Yes
Fast, powerful 3D processing
Fusion: speed 10% faster and with 30% less RAM
Fusion: exclude faulty frames Yes
Support of large datasets Up to 500 million polygons Up to 500 million polygons
Fast mesh simplification: refined Yes Yes
X-Ray mode Yes Yes
Customizable workspace Now including panel layout Yes
Swipe selection Yes Yes
Easy mass rename Yes Yes
3Dconnexion 3D mouse compatibility Yes Yes
Upload multiple Leo projects in one click Yes
Multiple object export Yes Yes
Cloud collaboration
Artec Cloud integration Yes Yes
One-click 3D model share Yes
Export formats
Disney PTEX, E57, XYZRGB
Disney PTEX, E57, XYZRGB
Point cloud (Artec Ray only) PTX, BTX, XYZ PTX, BTX, XYZ
Reference targets OBC
Measurements CSV, DXF, XML CSV, DXF, XML
Hardware support
3rd party sensor support N/A N/A
Scanning on MacOS Boot Camp Boot Camp
Processing on MacOS Artec Cloud or Boot Camp