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Artec Turntable

Artec Turntable

An intelligent turntable for 3D scanning small objects with Artec Space Spider

Artec Turntable is a smart rotating platform that’s fully-automated and integrated with Artec Studio software. Powered by Bluetooth for out-of-the-box 3D scanning, Artec Turntable is the perfect companion for the ultra-resolution handheld 3D scanner Artec Space Spider.

Its synchronized rotation system with auto-tracking recovery is designed to enable beautiful, full-coverage 3D scans of your small objects quickly and easily. If tracking is lost anytime during scanning, the platform simply pauses and turns back about 15 degrees, continuing once tracking has been regained. This way, you’re ensured flawless digital captures every time!

Right out of the box, simply plug in the turntable and it's ready to integrate with Artec Studio. Bluetooth 4.0 ready, Artec Turntable configures with a few clicks in Artec Studio, and you're ready to scan. With auto-tracking recovery running, even complex small objects with intricate details are a breeze to capture.

Comes with electrical power adapter and interchangeable plugs for EU, US and UK sockets. Also included is a special Artec 3D silicone scanning mat with markings, to make your scanning experience that much easier.

Artec Turntable technical specs:
Full rotation 13 seconds
Max weight of object 3 kg
Compatible 3D scanner Artec Space Spider or Artec Spider
Compatible 3D scanning software Artec Studio 13 or newer
Connectivity Bluetooth 4.0
Dimensions 250 x 250 x 45 mm
Weight 0.72 kg
Power consumption 12V, 4.66 W