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Kreon ACE Skyline

Ace Skyline

Ace measuring arm with Skyline 3D scanners

Scanning has never been so intuitive

A new scanning experience

Ace Skyline combines the Ace measuring arm and the Skyline 3D scanner, providing a high performance system for contact and non contact 3D measurements.
Accurate, fast, flexible…it replies to all your requirements and can scan the most challenging parts.

Perfect scanner integration to gain much more time

Removable scanner without any tools

to switch quickly from scanning to probing

Probe directly with the scanner

to probe and scan in the same measuring range

Lightweight mobile parts

to scan longer without effort

Save more time

Advanced scanning speed

Large laser line and high frequency decrease the number of scan passes and make the scanner movement faster to acquire dense point clouds in a blink of an eye.

Scan any part

Ready for any surface, whatever the appearance, color or brightness

Blue laser technology and HD camera will easily deal with challenging materials, like dark glossy, shiny or carbon surfaces.

Scan the exact reality

High resolution, high accuracy

Skyline scanner provides a high resolution, to capture the tiniest details, and a high accuracy to closely reflects reality.

Skyline scanners range delivers stunning performances
Speed* 600,000 pts/sec
Accuracy* 09 µm
Laser line width* 200 mm
Frequency* 300 Hz
*maximum values depending on the Skyline scanner model
Ace Skyline specifications
Arm model Skyline Eyes Skyline Wide Skyline Open Skyline Eyes Skyline Wide Skyline Open
Ace-7-20 0.040 mm 0.044 mm 0.046 mm
Ace-7-25 0.046 mm 0.050 mm 0.052 mm 0.042 mm 0.046 mm 0.049 mm
Ace-7-30 0.061 mm 0.063 mm 0.065 mm 0.052 mm 0.056 mm 0.059 mm
Ace-7-35 0.076 mm 0.079 mm 0.081 mm 0.066 mm 0.071 mm 0.073 mm
Ace-7-40 0.088 mm 0.099 mm 0.102 mm 0.077 mm 0.081 mm 0.084 mm
Ace-7-45 0.120 mm 0.130 mm 0.132 mm 0.095 mm 0.104 mm 0.110 mm