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AirGO Power

AirGO Power Smart Module

An intelligent and wireless module is designed to enable mobile and cable-free 3D scanning. It is perfect for 3D scanning large-scale objects, operating in remote areas with no power supply, or working in harsh conditions.
Thanks to its robust and on-board processor and power supply, it delivers an all-in-one solution to power 3D scanners to capture, process, view, and save 3D data, without being connected to computers. Compatible with Scantech’s various handheld 3D laser scanners, it offers users true freedom for 3D scanning.

Independent On-board Data Processor

With its built-in processor, you can deal with a large amount of data without computers. Its ultra-fast processor combined with a high-capacity storage module allows you to scan, process, and save 3D data right from the device itself.

Cable-free & Mobile 3D Scanning

Its wireless design enables engineers to operate without the need for power and data cables, making the measurement free from any restrictions posed by environmental conditions.

Seamless Integration with Scantech’s 3D Measurement Systems

It is compatible with Scantech’s handheld 3D scanners KSCAN, SIMSCAN, AXE and TrackScan. Due to the cutting-edge features of these products, they can cater to various applications with ease.

Uninterruptible Power Supply

AirGO Power has received CE, Rohs, WEEE, FCC certifications. It adopts a dual-power design, whose V-shaped interfaces support mainstream batteries easily accessed in the market. One of the batteries can be replaced with a new one when the other still powers the device. It ensures an uninterruptible power supply for smooth 3D scanning.

Wearable and Hands-free Design

AirGO Power is a wearable device with a compact dimension of 150*145*65.5mm. It comes with a belt that warps around the user’s wrist to enable convenient use. This way, a single operator can fulfill wireless measurements freely and easily, being not constrained by environmental conditions.

Technical Specifications AirGO
Type AirGO Power
Software Supported ScanViewer, Tviewer
Dimension 150 x 145 x 65.5 mm
Weight 840 g
Operating temperature -10℃–40℃
Operating humidity 10–90% RH
Battery capacity 6875 mAh
Battery life Dual batteries for 3-hour operation. Support uninterruptible power supply.
Wireless network Wi-Fi 6 (802.11 ax)
Operating mode No-computer mode:
KSCAN series, AXE series, SIMSCAN series
No-cable mode:
KSCAN series, AXE series, SIMSCAN series, TrackScan series
Certification CE, Rohs, WEEE, FCC
Patent CN209327898U, CN2022226037746