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Scan Data Suite

Transform point cloud or mesh data from handheld scanners or any capture device into a 3D solid model with ease. Fit data to CAD and create illustrative color maps and profile error inspection reports.


Fast import of large point clouds, meshes, and CAD models in any industry-standard format. Precise rendering of scan data quickly identifies voids and outliers for easy cleanup and decimation.

Scan data alignment and mesh editing tools achieve watertight mesh models ready for STL-based additive manufacturing. Automated feature extraction and NURBS surfacing produces precise, machinable surfaces in minutes.

Finish the job with a complete 3D CAD system including wireframe, surface and Parasolid™ solid modeling, detailed drafting, and intelligent MBD for manufacturing.

Fit clouds or meshes to CAD surfaces and create revealing color maps for profile analysis and quality reporting.

3D Metrology Software, Training and CMMsScan Data Suite

(Includes modules: CAD + REVERSE + ANALYSIS)

Scan Data

The Verisurf Scan Data Suite is the ideal optimizer for handheld 3D scanners and similar technologies. Users benefit from a complete toolbox for both reverse engineering and profile inspection, especially suited to complex contours. Full-powered CAD in a comprehensive but easy to learn interface, and workflows streamlined for today’s operators, provide the user experience that technical professionals want.

Engineering outcomes:

  • Producing and optimizing STL files for 3D printing
  • Generating CAD surfaces for CNC machining
  • Developing solid CAD models for manufacturing
  • Creating surface model representations for industrial design
  • Flexible best fit options reduce scrap and rework
  • Embed vibrant color maps in your reports
  • Compare as-built to any nominal CAD source
  • Advanced best fit increases conformance rates


How we help you digitize and inspect productively from scan data.

3D Metrology Software, Training and CMMsScan Data SuiteScan Data Reverse Engineering
  • Import scanner dataset via point cloud, stl mesh, or CAD files from any format.
  • Very large datasets import quickly and accurately, and high quality rendering aids the cleanup, decimation, and normalization processes.
  • Benefit from full-functioning CAD and mesh tools to create precision wireframe curve sketching, math-fit primitive features, complex contoured surfaces, and parametric solids.

3D Metrology Software, Training and CMMsScan Data SuiteScan Data Inspection
  • Import scan data and nominal CAD model from any file format. Even large datasets and files import quickly.
  • Best-fit data to CAD with extensive features to control the fit to suit your needs.
  • Project data to any CAD entity type for precision deviation analysis of measurement profile and position.
  • Create brilliant color map images and detailed analysis inspection reports in any desired output format.


Helpful options for Scan Data Suite

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Automated Inspection Plans For CMM’s & Scanners

Advanced Freeform Surface Modeling

Import Native CAD & Validate Translation Accuracy

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