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Geomagic D2P

Options: DICOM 2 Print (D2P)

Minimizing the Need for Technical Expertise with D2P
DICOM images are imported into the D2P stand-alone modular software package that consolidates all 3D model segmentation and preparation steps into one workstation. D2P is a cleared medical device intended for pre-operative surgical planning and the production of 3D-printed anatomic models for diagnostic purposes.

The unique image segmentation tool set and its advanced virtual reality (VR) visualization allow clinicians and point-of-care (POC) staff to minimize the effort and time associated with the creation of patient-specific anatomic models.

Digital models exported from the D2P software can be used in a wide variety of applications including 3D printers, VR devices, surgical planning software, and CAD software.

While D2P will export digital files compatible with 3D printers from most manufacturers, the combination of D2P and 3D Systems printers offers a 510(K)-cleared solution that allows users to 3D print diagnostic-quality models. When printed using selected materials, these 3D models can be sterilized and are biocompatible. See the D2P regulatory information page for more information on the cleared printers and materials.

Oqton offers the largest range of 3D printing technologies cleared for manufacture of diagnostic-quality physical models across the widest range of medical specialties.

Buying software and hardware from a single source gives you peace of mind that software and hardware is guaranteed to work together.

Software features

  • Segmentation for craniomaxillofacial (CMF)
  • DICOM to print workflow
  • VR rendering
  • Automatic vasculature segmentation tools
  • 3D printing preparation for mesh models