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Kreon Track ACE

Track Ace

The fastest solution for large parts scanning with a range of 80 m

Measuring arm and laser tracker combination

Xtreme accuracy, very fast, machine and arm ready

The Kreon ACE measuring arm, in association with a laser tracker, allows operating 3D measurement in large volume according to a metrological accuracy. Track ACE performs high speed scanning thanks to a fast scanner with a 200 mm wide laser line. It joins the assets of the long range and precision of the tracker and the flexibility, portability and accuracy of ACE arm.

How does it work?
The tracker follows the positions of the arm around the measured part and merges them into a common reference.
The tracking of the arm is made one time for each position, so there is no real-time tracking and no risk to break the connection between the tracker and the arm.

Extremely large parts
measurement, up to 80 m

The Track ACE solution works with a laser tracker that offers the longest measurement distance on the market. Due to its max range of 80 m, it allows to operate 3D scanning for the most enormous parts including planes and wind turbines. Obviously, it can also process car measurement.

Stop wasting time thanks to fast scanning

  • Large laser line of 200 mm (Skyline Wide scanner) for less scan passes and less scanning time.
  • High frequency for fastest hand movements.
  • Customizable points density to avoid irrelevant point clouds: high density for details and low density for stretched surfaces.
  • No need to place numerous stickers to locate the 3D scanner.

Optimal user comfort

  • Switch easily from scanning for surface inspection to probing for geometrical entities inspection.
  • Quick repositioning of the measuring arm by the laser tracker in less than a minute.
  • Easy arm movement thanks to tripod with wheels.
  • No cable needed for the connection between the arm and the tracker.
  • No preheating, start working once you are ready.
  • No special software needed, the solution is integrated in the main market software.

Simple and fast
positioning process

  • 1 . Fit the Track Ace interface on the Ace arm. The Track Ace interface uses Renishaw attachment to be perfectly repeatable.
  • 2 . Place the SMR sphere inside the interface.
  • 3 . Facing the tracker, take a grid of 15 points in space with the arm.

Total positioning time is less than a minute.

No shadow zones

After the laser tracker has determined the position of the measuring arm, the arm can work independently of the tracker. When the operator is using the arm to measure, he can move freely, like all the workers in the area, without the risk of breaking the connection between arm and laser tracker. The continuity of the work rate in the workshop is thus maintained.

Independent systems for a faster return on investments

Use of the tracker alone (with SMR probing)

  • Long range 3D measurement
  • Machine alignment

Use of the ACE measuring arm alone

  • Measuring inside small spaces or vehicles 
  • Measuring smaller parts, from 1cm to 4m (depending on the arm size)
  • Scanning high requirements parts

Tracker main characteristics

  • Distance range: 50m or 80m
  • SMR probing
  • Wireless
  • Battery operation: 10 hours
  • Environmental compensation
  • Short preheating
  • Autolock, rapid recapture of a lost laser beam
  • Integrated controler
Track Ace specifications
Ace 6 axes
Ace 6-20 74 micron + 5 micron /m
Ace 6-25 80 micron + 5 micron /m
Ace 6-30 98 micron + 5 micron /m
Ace 6-35 111 micron + 5 micron /m
Ace 6-40 122 micron + 5 micron /m
Ace 6-45 130 micron + 4 micron /m
Ace 6-50 160 micron + 4 micron /m
Ace 7 axes
Ace 7-20 77 micron+ 5 micron /m
Ace 7-25 85 micron + 5 micron /m
Ace 7-30 111 micron + 5 micron /m
Ace 7-35 121 micron + 5 micron /m
Ace 7-40 136 micron + 5 micron /m
Ace 7-45 156 micron + 4 micron /m
Ace 7-50 182 micron+ 4 micron /m
Ace+ 6 axes
Ace+ 6-25 64 micron + 5 micron /m
Ace+ 6-30 75 micron + 5 micron /m
Ace+ 6-35 87 micron + 5 micron /m
Ace+ 6-40 101 micron + 5 micron /m
Ace+ 6-45 112 micron + 4 micron /m
Ace+ 7 axes
Ace+ 7-25 70 micron + 5 micron /m
Ace+ 7-30 89 micron + 5 micron /m
Ace+ 7-35 98 micron + 5 micron /m
Ace+ 7-40 118 micron + 5 micron /m
Ace+ 7-45 139 micron + 4 micron /m
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