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Artec Cloud

Size: 5 GB

Artec Cloud: Every 3D scan and project in your browser

Access files anywhere with just an internet connection.

Artec Cloud. Access, Collaborate, Process
A collaborative platform for you and your team to access, view, comment on, and process 3D scanned data directly from your browser.

Try now with access to 5 GB. That’s enough space for an entire project, or hundreds of 3D models — for free.

Secure data

Never lose your data. Even if you lose your computer, all your work is safely stored away.

Project history

Worry-free editing and collaboration with a synced log of all your work.

Easy access

5 GB - Free with license

200 GB - $700

1 TB - $1,200 

*Pricing within 12 months of use

All plans include: Add comments and attachments Create new projects Duplicate projects Edit scans and models manually Edit scans and models on auto mode Export scans, models, and Artec Studio projects in a wide range of formats Import projects directly from Artec Leo Import projects from Artec Studio Import scans and models Organize projects within folders Share scans, models, and projects Utilize key features and algorithms for processing your scan data View scans and models