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VR Robot

​VR Robot

Extend Robotics

“I think xArm is quite an attractive cobot solution at the same price range. The design is inspiring and you get the performance quite rarely seen in this price range.”

3D Vision Robot
3D Vision Robot


“Now, a robot cell can be made from HW for less than 10k USD, helping us to promote our 3d vision-enabled, cloud-based robot service to more customers and applications than before.”

Robot Competition
lite 6

RoboHub Eindhoven

“It exceeds our expectations because we had our doubts that it would work this well for this price point. Also, it does not need a big control box which was the biggest plus point for us.”


Immediate saving 50% of your money.
Robots Comparison
Product UFactory 850 Universal Robot UR5e UFactory xArm6 Universal Robot UR3e
Price US$8,999 US$31,000 US$8,399 US$26,000
Payload 5 kg 5 kg 5 kg 3 kg
DOF 6-Axis 6-Axis 6-Axis 6-Axis
Reach 850 mm 850 mm 700 mm 500 mm
Repeatability ±0.02 mm ±0.1 mm ±0.1 mm ±0.1 mm
Weight 20 kg 20.6 kg 12.2 kg 11.2 kg

Compared with similar collaborative robots(cobots) on the market, the prices of UFactory robot arm are less than 2/3 of their price, UFACTORY aims to help SMEs improve productivity at the lowest cost and remain competitive in the market.


Collision detection function ensures human-robot collaboration safety.

It is safe to install the xArm cobot or the Lite 6 cobot right next to the operator worker because cobots stop as soon as they detect an external collision. Besides, our 6-axis force torque sensor enhances your security. You can also set security parameters, which minimize security risks without external fencing.



People without any programming experience can run the robot arm in 2 hours.

Graphical interface for beginner-friendly programming

Users can drag and drop sample codes to complete programming. In addition, UFactory’s robotic arms also support hand-teaching function, you can grab and drag the robotic arm to demonstrate the motion, then it can reproduce the motion, which greatly saves your time.


Free Studio and free Python/C++/ROS SDKs.

Free Studio and free Python/C++/ROS SDKs are programming-friendly for engineers, you can explore the potential ability of UFACTORY robotic arms through advanced programming.


Fast set-up and easy to re-deploy without changing your production layout.


Ufactory 850

The advantages of plug-and-play, light weight and compact design allow the robotic arm to be easily redeployed into new production line without changing your production layout, which meets the needs of small batches production.


1-year warranty and lifetime technical support ensure a good user experience.

If the product has quality problems caused by non-human damage within 1 year, we promise to repair it for free. If you have operational questions or technical problems, you can contact our technical support team at any time, they will help you solve the problem within 24 hours.