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Elite Robots

Robot Automation at All Levels


Sturdy and lightweight 6-joint robotic arms suitable for a wide range of collaborative tasks. Protection rating up to IP68, payload up to 25 kg and reach up to 1900mm. Highly expandable controllers with optional OEM versions.


Intuitive graphic UI supporting custom plugins development and multiple programming languages. Virtual platform for robot simulation and offline programming. Embedded palletizing application wizard for fast deployment.


In conjunction with a broad network of integrators and OEM partners, Elite Robots provides automation solutions for all needs. Our flexibility in R&D and technical support has enabled us to undertake projects ranging from a single installation to thousands of cobots.


What Makes Us Different

Our wide solutions range allows us to scale our resources resulting in added value for our customers and ultimately the end user. Elite Robots wide variety of industries driving our customers business further while upholding the highest industry standards.

Zeroing the defect rate

Optimize consistency and maintain high levels of product quality with Elite Robots robotic arms. With a reach of up to 1900 mm and equipped with the best vision systems, they can inspect parts up to 3.5 meters long. Also ideal for testing tasks.