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3D scanning is an effective and innovative approach to gathering, presenting and analysing 3D data for education and research purposes. It allows for absolute freedom of creativity and endless possibilities, thanks to the the most advanced and versatile 3D scanning solutions on the market today. With a wide range of Artec 3D scanning products available for purchase at very attractive prices, you are guaranteed to find the best options to create the most seamless workflow possible, whether you are teaching the future generation of engineers, doctors or astronauts, or conducting life-altering research. What’s more, all of the innovative Artec 3D scanners are compatible with the top-of-the-range CAD, CAM and 3D modelling software to ensure access to the most advanced tools and algorithms, developed specifically to ensure you can achieve more than you ever thought possible.

If you are looking for an innovative and captivating teaching solution, look no further! Artec 3D scanners, paired with advanced 3D scanning software, offer a new, fun and interactive learning experience. With the ability to quickly capture 3D data from almost any object, these tools are a great way to make sure that teaching will be cutting edge and interactive.

Artec 3D scanning solutions are designed to be versatile, powerful and easy to use. Thanks to their many automated features, including autopilot mode and powerful tracking, even small children can use the devices to make high resolution 3D models.

It is no secret that research plays a vital part in developing innovative and groundbreaking concepts. More and more educational establishments are investing time and money into the research process. Providing top-of-the- range 3D scanning technologies for over a decade, Artec 3D understands the importance of having only the best measurement tools and making the most out of them.

All of the 3D scanners in our range are designed to ensure that there is no room for error, whatever your research area. Ease of use, precision and versatility of our professional 3D solutions guarantee accurate results that can be used for reverse engineering, quality control, manufacturing, heritage preservation, healthcare, CGI, art, design and much more.

Suitable for courses such as

Don’t miss out on the amazing opportunity to purchase Artec scanners at a special price as part of our Educational Package


Educational offer

US $17,820

Standard price

US $19,800

Space Spider

Educational offer

US $22,320

Standard price

US $24,800


Educational offer

US $31,320

Standard price

US $34,800

Eva + Leo

Educational offer

US $47,358

Standard price

US $52,620

The package includes:

Artec 3D scanner(s)
Artec Studio: FREE pack of 20 licenses
2-year warranty
2 years of free major software

The offer does not include delivery, training, installation, or local taxes where applicable.

Artec Studio licenses provided with Educational Packages as a free pack cannot be resold/transferred to other users.

Educational discounts for bundles of Artec 3D scanners and Geomagic 3D software

For the most flexible and complete 3D solution, ideal for teaching and research purposes, we are currently also offering special bundles comprised of Artec 3D scanners and Geomagic software at discounted rates! Experience a wide range of possibilities at your fingertips with multiple available bundles, designed specifically to be a long-lasting and versatile solution for all your educational and research applications.


Design X Bundles

An outstanding combination for advanced reverse engineering tasks with the unparalleled precision of Artec 3D scanners and advanced features of the Design X professional software.


Geomagic for Solidworks Bundles

Do more with your 3D data using the Artec 3D scanners and the Geomagic for Solidworks plugin. Ideal for seamless data capture and transfer into the Solidworks environment in just one click.


Geomagic Freefrom Bundles

Get up close and personal with your digital creations with the combination of the precise and versatile Artec 3D scanners and the Freeform software. Perfect for capturing, designing and manufacturing of organic shapes, this winning combo can be supplemented by a haptic device for an even greater “hands-on” experience.


Geomagic Wrap Bundles

Combine Artec’s cutting-edge 3D scanners with the Geomagic Wrap software to create a handy exact surfacing solution with an extensive toolbox for more possibilities than you ever thought possible!


Control X Bundles

Paired together, Geomagic Control X and Artec 3D scanners form a flexible, all-round metrology solution, allowing you to create a more efficient workflow for superb quality control, error-free data reporting and many other procedures.

Find the best option for you!

We offer numerous bundles for research and education, specifically designed to ensure that you get the best combination of the latest 3D technology at the optimum price.

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