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Artec Ray Battery

Back up your power with this Artec Ray extra battery.  It is important to make sure that you have enough power to work with your Artec Ray.  The extra battery will make sure you have back up.  Artec Ray scanners come equipped with commercial-grade Lithium-ion batteries for mobile use. 

We offer an Artec Ray Battery charger as well. 


Artec Ray Battery

  • Artec Ray battery is rated at 45Wh.
  • a fully charged Ray battery is expected to power the Ray scanner for up to 2 hours, depending on the intensity of use.
  • Ray batteries do not charge while inside the scanner. They must be recharged using the external battery charger supplied with the Artec Ray.
  • recharging the battery with the supplied charger takes about 2 hours. The charger has two charging bays, which allows both supplied batteries to be charged simultaneously.
  • the supplied Ray charger can also be used to recharge Leo batteries, but it lacks the battery recalibration feature of the optional Leo battery charger.