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Artec Metrology Kit Professional

What is the Artec Metrology Kit?

A 3D optical coordinate measuring system for high-precision industrial applications – think deformation analysis, testing, inspection. The Metrology Kit is flexible enough to integrate into your workflow, delivers perfect results both in your workshop and outdoors, and is compatible with major software like Control X and PolyWorks.

The Metrology Kit can operate as a standalone optical measurement solution, or as a referencing tool for even higher 3D scanning accuracy over distance. Using the Metrology Kit plugin, you get the entire 3D scanning + photogrammetry workflow right inside Artec Studio.


Using a high-accuracy optical coordinate measuring system makes inspection of objects like aircraft components, ships, and wind turbines a reliable, straightforward process.

Deformation analysis

Use this optical measurement solution to analyze the deformation characteristics of materials under different environmental conditions and loads – processes where a short measuring time is crucial. The Metrology Kit is great for analyzing the geometrical changes of things like storage tanks, vehicle components, or design prototypes.

Short measuring time

Work comfortably in demanding testing environments such as climate chambers, where very short acquisition times are crucial, but reliable precision and highly accurate datasets are non-negotiable.

Convenient workflow

The Metrology Kit’s simple workflow is especially important given the large number of measurement points typical in deformation analysis and extreme working conditions like high temperatures and humidity.

Portable and flexible

Referencing for 3D scanning

Combine the dense point cloud of a metrology 3D scanner with the high precision of the Kit’s optical measurements to expand the capabilities of small to medium-sized object scanners. You can have the best of both worlds obtaining high resolution on smaller elements within large objects while having them fully captured with minimal accumulated error and high volumetric accuracy.

Greater accuracy over distance

The Metrology Kit produces a point cloud with high volumetric accuracy that you can use as a reference to get great 3D scanning results over distance even when you’re not using a 3D scanner for metrology.

Simplified workflow

A complete, self-contained workflow from signalizing to reporting makes the measurement process seamless, and integrates the whole photogrammetry-complemented pipeline into one environment.

Increase the range of smaller scanners

Use scanners with a relatively small field of view to accurately capture much larger objects. This means you can capture small details while maintaining very high volumetric accuracy, up to 0.015 mm + 0.015 mm/m.
The Metrology Kit’s portability ensures ease of use when working in tight spaces often characteristic of climate chambers.