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Artec + Geomagic Reverse Engineering Package

Everything you need for reverse engineering in one bundle

Maximize on value by opting for a software and scanner package that comes with an Artec scanner of your choice, a Geomagic Design X license, and one or more Artec Studio licenses.

Geomagic Design X

Industry-leading reverse engineering software for converting 3D scan data into feature-based and editable solid CAD models.

Reverse engineering done right

Streamline your design and manufacturing workflows with the latest tools for reverse engineering. Scan virtually anything with Artec 3D scanners, and create production-ready designs with Geomagic Design X. Here, you can rebuild CAD data for legacy parts and tooling, recreate non-existent or lost CAD data for parts and molds, design new custom products, and document changes made post-prototype or manufacture.


Additive manufacturing

Utilize initial design ideas for the parts that have been topologically optimized, and generate feature-based results available for further edit and use in CAD.

Optimization of supply chain

Create a digital database for key parts with high wear and tear, or parts that fail frequently, to shorten turnaround time and unify your expertise and manufacturing capabilities.

Sheet metal stamping

3D scan stamping dies that have been modified after manufacturing to update the original CAD drawings and represent as-built conditions.

Product design

Accelerate time to market by utilizing reverse engineering to combine off-the-shelf parts and assemblies with custom-designed parts.


Quickly create production-ready 3D models for broken castings, and reproduce key components with 3D scanning and scan-based design.

Redesign and customization

Scan an existing part or an entire product to create a 3D reference for a brand new or customized product.


Digitize hand-built prototypes commonly made using foam, cardboard, or modeling clay to accelerate the creation of production-ready designs.

Remanufacturing and maintenance

Use 3D scan data to manufacture replacement components and spares for expensive heavy equipment in the event of an emergency, and to keep them functioning efficiently.


The complete scan-to-CAD solution

Reverse engineer virtually anything faster, more accurately, and more reliably with Artec 3D scanners and Geomagic Design X. Scan, process, and export your scan data into Design X to create solid feature-based CAD models for manufacturing and simulation.