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Kreon ACE Arm

Size: KREON ACE 2 m / 6 axes

Ace measuring arm – Portable CMM

Scanning has never been so intuitive

Always the best measurement results

  • High accuracy and repeatability.
  • Stable accuracy due to temperature compensation.
  • Axis limits detection to prevent bad using.
  • Immediately ready to work, no preheating, no target to paste on the part.
  • Robust and suited to most of industrial environments.
  • Compatible with the leading application software of the market.

6 or 7 axis measuring arm? How to choose?

Choose Ace 7 axis for scanning ergonomics

Choose a 7-axis arm to scan easily and effortlessly due to its handle and ergonomic design. KREON 7-axis brings more flexibility to properly handle the scanner.

Choose Ace 6 axis for probing and accuracy

Kreon Ace 6 axis is made for accuracy. It is mainly used for probing operations with high requirements.


ACE+, the best of ACE and even more

The ACE range comprises two models: the ACE and the ACE+ measuring arm. Working with the latest encoder technology, the ACE+ arm also boasts an advanced calibration method, ensuring exceptional levels of performance.



Software for Kreon measuring arms

Easily manage scanning and probing

Zenith focuses on the essential functions used in most applications for acquisition and 3D measurement of industrial parts. Simple to learn, and free, but able to manage dense point clouds and color mapping, this is Zenith. 

Ace arms sizes

To meet the customers' needs diversity, Kreon has developed a range of 6- and 7-axis Ace arms from 2 m to 5 m working volume. To choose the most suitable portable CMM for your application, the working volume and the accuracy of the system have both to be considered.
Ace Skyline specifications
Arm model Skyline Eyes Skyline Wide Skyline Open Skyline Eyes Skyline Wide Skyline Open
Ace-7-20 0.040 mm 0.044 mm 0.046 mm
Ace-7-25 0.046 mm 0.050 mm 0.052 mm 0.042 mm 0.046 mm 0.049 mm
Ace-7-30 0.061 mm 0.063 mm 0.065 mm 0.052 mm 0.056 mm 0.059 mm
Ace-7-35 0.076 mm 0.079 mm 0.081 mm 0.066 mm 0.071 mm 0.073 mm
Ace-7-40 0.088 mm 0.099 mm 0.102 mm 0.077 mm 0.081 mm 0.084 mm
Ace-7-45 0.120 mm 0.130 mm 0.132 mm 0.095 mm 0.104 mm 0.110 mm