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Expedition Unknown - Looted Treasures of Cambodia

Expedition Unknown - Looted Treasures of Cambodia

Expedition Unknown: Cambodia's Stolen Monuments


Episode aired Jul 5, 2023

Pictures courtesy of the Discovery Channel


In the latest episode of Expedition Unknown, Josh Gates travels to Cambodia to investigate the looting of the country's ancient temples. Gates meets with a former looter who claims to know where the stolen artifacts are hidden. The looter leads Gates to a murky moat near a remote village. Gates wades into the water and begins to dig, and after hours of searching, he finally finds something: a statue covered in mud and algae. Gates carefully cleans the statue, and he is amazed by what he sees: it is a beautiful statue of a Khmer god, and it is worth millions of dollars.

Pictures courtesy of the Discovery Channel

Gates continues to search the moat, and he finds several more statues, including a missing piece of a national treasure. Gates is overjoyed to have found the statues, and he knows that he has made a difference in returning them to their rightful owners.

Pictures courtesy of the Discovery Channel

This episode of Expedition Unknown is a reminder of the importance of protecting cultural heritage. The looting of Cambodia's temples is a serious problem, and Gates's work to recover the stolen artifacts is a valuable contribution to the preservation of this important cultural legacy.

Pictures courtesy of the Discovery Channel

In addition to the story of the stolen statues, the episode also explores the history and culture of Cambodia. Gates visits the temples of Angkor Wat, which are some of the most impressive and important archaeological sites in the world. He also meets with local experts who share their knowledge of Cambodian history and culture.

Gates utilizes the Artec Leo 3D scanner that he received from Artec Ambassador and Gold Reseller Rapid Scan 3D.  The Artec Leo was used to scan the statues which provided them digital archives of the stolen items.  The data can also be used for repairing and designing fixtures for the artifacts. 

The episode is a fascinating and informative look at a complex issue. It is a must-watch for anyone interested in archaeology, history, or cultural heritage.